World Calendar


When creating a character, please follow the Alliance calendars.

Anarya- At the end of the week (Sundays) the elves do one act in tribute to the gods. Some may do a vow of silence for the day, fast, or do an act that pays tribute to their favorite god or gods

Faroth – There is a Faroth for each season or when an elf reaches young adulthood. All that wishes to participate goes into the wild for three days on a hunt to provide for the kingdom. The Faroth elf will be honored in the feast that follows.

Earth Year – 2021Astrium Year – 8098Novus Year – 1621Faerune Year – 1492 DR
FebruaryAlturiakLove13th to 15th – Lupercalia Fertility Festival
MayMirtulFetility1st – Beltane
JuneKythornSun20th – Summer Solstice
JulySummertideChaos3rd – Queen’s Day (Novus Anniversary)
SeptemberEleintHarvest17th – Rights of Cailean Day (Astrium Anniversary)
OctoberMarpenothDeath31st – All Hallow’s Eve
DecemberNightalMoon21st – Winter Solstice

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