The Realm Map

The Map of Astrium

The area currently available for RP on the sim are Eilienaxa (main area).

Cailean is a kingdom located within the continent and plane known as Astrium.

The mists of fate surround the continent. As far as anyone is aware, there is nothing beyond the mists as no one has been able to pass through without entering a portal to another realm.

Blackmaul and Miycester are their own separate entities and do not align with Cailean.

Amylthas County Eriellian Meadows Blackmaul Ditch Valley Eilienaxa Elehil Village Enderson Fief Evergreen Estate Faable City Haven City Lilmnor County Likewells Fief Mendalt Fief Ofm Dorei Shellune Thalovir City Twined Tails Barony Westfield Villiage Wolf's Warren