Last Update: 07/08/2020

The Dwarves

Dwarves are a unique race. Inherently non-magical, they embraced the concept of hard work and science. Without them, there would be no such machinations such as mechanical bodies, or even elevators. These machines were made roughly and mostly ran on steam. Many speculate that the dwarves embraced their creations to keep up with the more magical races such as elves. 

As a result, they paved the way for other non-magical races such as humans to make use of steam-powered machines and weapons. Other races already magical have researched how to use magic in conjunction with these machines, though it is not as widespread yet. That being said, the kingdom of Cailean has started to use this technology in their day to day lives.

Energy & Power

​Magical crystals are possible. Wires as electrical cords have not yet been invented. As such, solar power, wind power, etc are not feasible options yet. Magical crystals are usually expensive but more easily obtainable in the kingdom of Cailean due to it being one of the main exports. ((Common.))


Extremely expensive and difficult to pull off. Technically possible, but only with extravagant use of magic. If it is done, it tends to be mindless golems or simple body parts such as arms or legs rather than something as complicated as a heart. ((Extremely rare.))


The technology for plumbing is akin to ancient Greece. Only the rich tend to have this luxury as well as most bathhouses. ((Uncommon))

Other Tech

  • Simple elevators using magic or a pulley system ((Uncommon))
  • Golems ((Common))
  • Alchemy ((Common))
  • Air vehicles such as hot air balloons, gliders, and zeppelins ((Uncommon))
  • Steamships ((Common))

UnAvailable Tech

  • Printed text
  • Photographs
  • Bicycles
  • Skates
  • Cars
  • Brick roads
  • Teleportation ((Possible with rare magic. Not with tech.))