Astrium Crest

Nix Starlight / KitsKastle

Astrium Game Changer
Discord: Nix#5052

Ember Manimbo

Astrium Game Master
Discord: Ember/True#9176


Astrium Game Master
Discord: stickingpoint#6788

Credit: Plot devices, combat strategy and historical accuracy


Astrium Game Master
Discord: Braynok#9516

Game Changers = Sim Owners
Game Masters = Admins
Dream Weavers = Leads

In Astrium, leads are basically storytellers or shop owners. They can run events without staff
needing to be present, they can give XP, but they cannot make any serious decisions about the
sim or ban people or discipline, etc. A lead is not staff.

Other Credits

Multiple Photos: Salila Wytchwood
World Building Assistance: Ember Manimbo
Multiple Art Pieces: