• Everyone has a mailbox! Drop a notecard into the mailbox to contact the renter. You may use your own mailbox or sign if you don’t like ours.
  • Only one rental per player.
  • You may share a rental with a subtenant option.
  • Renters may put items outside their rentals provided they are:
    • Within five meters of the rental, or the entirety of the property such as the farm.
    • Appropriate aesthetic.
    • Please try to refrain from hover text. Suggested, but not required.
    • Not set to full bright.
  • Items that emit excessive particles or noise will be returned.
  • If the rental box is overdue, you have 24 hours to renew or pick up your belongings before they are returned.
  • No adult furniture in rooms where children are present or living in the rental.
  • If you exceed your allotted prim allowance, you have 24 hours to adjust. After 24 hours staff will return random objects for you.
  • You may ask an admin about adding additional prims, or setting up a house elsewhere on sim if there is room in the area.
  • With approval, you may replace your home with a personal home of the same prim count or lower.
  • Refunds are not given if you lose your rental due to abuse, ban or breaking the rules.

Player-Made Factions / Guilds

The largest factions & guilds are entitled to a free lot anywhere on sim. They may keep this place only for as long as their faction remains among the most powerful. The area may be decorated for their usage and are given 100 LI to work with. Factions who fall beneath the membership / power requirement will be given a week’s notice to clean their area of prim. Any faction may choose to rent a place on sim using rental vouchers. For more information please see the Work & Guilds page and the Faction Request Form.


If you do not wish to have a house but still wish to be able to rez RP related items such as pose balls, tents, or riding systems you may rent a box in the OOC/Landing area that will allow you to do so. If there are none available, please contact an admin.


  • Estates are granted in character only for the nobility and others who have earned the right through roleplay. There will absolutely be no favouritism. This is a privilege and the right to an estate is subject to availability of prims and space, as well as good OOC standing.
  • Prim Stipulations: Outside grounds beyond the actual privacy of the home itself has to be RP friendly. 200 prim for the house-building. 100 for the grounds. 125 for their personal items. The private area of the home itself is 5m from the building. These estates will be isolated from the rest of the sim but available by teleport from the residential area.
  • Some house options to choose from up to 200 prim or estate owners may rezz their own. Whatever prim they don’t use on the house may go towards the grounds. 125 MAX on personal items regardless of whatever was used for other spaces. 200 MAX on the house builds regardless of what was used on the grounds. However, they may translate unused prim for personal use to ground use.
  • Homes MUST be theme-appropriate. Some elven influence even if their race is not elven. The influence does not need to be the majority. Estates will be on a 75x75m parcel in a full sim skybox shared with the other estates.
  • Staff will also be given the same offer regardless of IC status. Ember Manimbo will also have this option as well as a former co-owner.
  • Nobles, estate owners, and staff will not be allowed to use rental vouchers on extra prim.