Mount Blackmaul

Mount Blackmaul

Mount Blackmaul is of the Miycester territory.

​The Year 1023:

Far to the east of Eilienaxa, within the realm of the Mists, lies a great mountain known as Blackmaul. Not so long ago, it would take a week’s journey or more to reach the mountain from the elven city, but with strings of earthquakes, Blackmaul now lays only a few hours walkout.

According to the tale, the name comes from a dwarf who, seeking to protect his family from a great beast, chased this beast deep away into the belly of the mountain and sealed it in, becoming a legendary hero. Blackmaul had not been a king, nor knight, merely a dwarven man who protected his wife and in doing so, became a hero of the realm. His tomb, it is said, lies somewhere within Miycester’s expansive caverns.

It is still believed to this day that the great beast lives yet, locked away deep in the heart of the mountain, perhaps deeper than the caves, even, of Miycester.


The Year 8096:

Though Blackmaul has been blocked off from Eilienaxa for a couple of centuries, recent earthquakes shook loose the boulders that blocked all means of access, allowing elves the freedom to explore, but this, too, means the forest dwellers can now travel into Eilienaxa. The forest is home to many a traveler, vagabond, stray elf, and the more unsavory sorts who prefer the over-all lawlessness of the unclaimed forest. It is not entirely uncommon to find a dead body, hidden among the ruins and roots.

​The far side holds what is said to be the Unseelie Queen’s alter, where sacrifices are often made in her name. It is said she is jealous of the worship given to Moonbow and other gods, and as more and more worshipers drifted from her side, the more twisted and corrupt she became, until she became a literal blight on the land, twisting the minds of mortals she corrupted in turn.

During the war with Eilienaxa, this area has since been closed off.