Mists of Fate

Mists of Fate

The Mists are literally that… mists of fate. They surround the entire continent of Astrium in a thick mist that obscures our realm from scrutiny. People who have become lost often end up here, through wayward portals, drowned at sea, or merely in some faraway forest. It was once nearly impossible to find the lands without a guide, yet, now that the mists have receded some, more and more people are wandering in.

To leave, one must board a special boat built with magic and prayers. These boats are made to find the portals in the mists to other realms. Thankfully, there are many such boats available should you have the means. However, the mists themselves determine who is allowed to enter and leave the realm so be wary and hope you have their blessings. Of course, you may also create your own portal to leave if you are powerful enough or perhaps you are creative and found another way out?

These mists are magical and are said they were the result of the fae, though no one knows exactly what they did. Strange things happen in them, from odd beasts seen nowhere else, to changes happening to those who become lost to them. Time means nothing. People who wander further into the lands, away from the shore’s edge and passed the mountains rarely return.

Shrouds, creatures of fate, wander the mists, protecting the land and bringing chaos as they see fit. Occasionally a Shroud will leave the mists to guide a particular person on a path of fate. Whether or not this fate is a good thing remains to be seen.

They say when the Shrouds of the Mists call, you must answer. They take as much as they give. You cannot run from your fate. There is no going back once foot has stepped into these lands.

Be wary, for outside the cities where the mists are… there are many monsters twisted by the magic there. 

Note: Shrouds are not playable characters though you may NPC one at admin discretion.