The HUD is a sim experience you’ll need to accept to be able to teleport around the sim as well as to participate in combat and events. When setting your name, use the name you wish to appear in your titler, not your username. 

The following guide was written by Umbraala.

HUD Menus:

  • HUD appears as a large button on the center bottom of the screen. 
  • XP does not equate to a level or ability points. They are earned towards the level!
  • 1 HP costs 3 Points.
  • Visit XP are not ability points.

Pressing the Centre Button:

  • Titler: To add a title to yourself or change how high your title is placed above your head.
  • OOC: Adds an OOC tag to the top of your titles or removes the OOC tag when clicked again.
  • Dream Weaver (Staff Only):
    • Award XP:  Award XP to a person.
    • Make NPC: Create NPCs for events etc
  • GMs (Staff Only):
    • Rename Character (Renames someone’s character)
    • Build Mode (Gives Builder OOC tag)
    • Builder TP (Teleports to Build Platform)
    • Create TP (Creates a new landmark for the HUD)
    • Retire Character (Deletes someone’s character)
  • Characters:
    • Youth: Adds a youth tag to the top of your titles or removes the youth tag when clicked again.
    • Points: Spend your points here.
    • Create: Create a new character.
    • Select: Select which character to play.
    • Delete: Delete current character.
  • Astrium: Connects to Astrium website.
  • Novus: Connects to Novus website.
  • GPHUD: Connects to GPHUD website (Your character page).
  • Teleports (Various teleports built into the HUD)

Other Icons:

  • Sword Icon: Used to attack other players (Click name to attack)
  • Yellow Dice Icon: Used to roll against other players without doing damage (To pickpocket, to arm wrestle, drinking contest, etc.)
  • Blue D20 Icon: Do a flat roll (Anything you attempt in the world: lock pick, lift objects, climb a wall, etc.)
  • Potion Icon: Heal yourself.
  • Double Hearts Icon: Heal other players  (Click their name)

Points Explanation:

  • Flat: This increases the bonuses you receive to the flat roll. (Blue D20.)
  • HealthBonus: Increases your max hit points. Warning. Each Hit-Point costs three ability points. You must manually spend each single ability point three times to gain the health bonus. Heal yourself with the potion and it should adjust your stats if not done automatically.
  • Against: Yellow Dice Icon bonuses.
  • Attack: How hard you attack ( both melee or magic )
  • Defense: How good you defend against an attack ( both melee or magic )