Code Of Conduct

Last Update: 02/15/2021

Note: Keep logs! Even if you do not save actively via a notecard, it is a good idea to keep IM conversations and local chat logged and saved on your computer. If you have an escalated situation with another player, are asked for proof of consent, etc, it’s a good idea to have a log available.

Always try to resolve personal OOC conflict among yourselves in private. If it cannot be resolved, or you require mediation, then a staff member may help you. Please, remember mediation in itself is not a punishment but a tool to help. If you really cannot get along, avoid each other. If this escalates, report it to a moderator.

  1. No godmoding, metagaming, powergaming, or trolling. Trolling and griefing will just get you kicked. No warnings. Just overall, don’t be an ass. Follow common decency.
    • Godmodding is controlling another player’s character or an overall scene without consent to do so. This is where “[My character] would…” “tries to,” and “attempts” phrasing is important.
    • Metagaming is using OOC knowledge in an IC manner. You may know that your character’s friend is in a fight somewhere else on the sim or someone is in disguise, but your character does not know that, etc. Another example of metagaming is using alts to do large errands for each other or pass information between one another.
    • Powergaming is being overpowered, or OP.
      1. To prevent having a bunch of random princesses running about, we have a class system. You may claim in character to be nobility from a faraway land, but there is potential to be arrested if you do not go through the proper channels. All local noble titles are earned through in-character actions only.
      2. Only admins may play as gods or demi-gods for the sake of story continuation and no more. Gods do not bestow random blessings or pick random champions.
      3. Please remember magic has its limits. Regardless of your race, you will be fatigued by its usage. This includes fae. There is no such thing as ‘living mana pools.’
  2. IC actions = IC consequences.
    Any attempts OOC to avoid IC consequences will be reprimanded. If your character picks a fight, kills someone, or otherwise does something to result in unfavorable actions from other players, know that your character may be hunted or imprisoned, for those actions. We are a 99% consent sim. Your character cannot be killed without your consent unless you’ve done something extreme in character to warrant those actions. Such extremes include rape and murder or attacking royalty.
  3. Consent is important!
    If you are doing anything against another player such as harming them you may ‘attempt.’ More extreme actions such as creating an intertwined plot you must have total consent. This includes having children by another player, using magic or ‘fate,’ bonding, being family, or blowing up their shop. It’s always a good idea to keep a log of getting consent prior to doing anything major.
    • We welcome player-made RP, including temporary or permanent changes to the sim build. However, such things should be discussed with either the rental owners ((if a rental)) or the sim staff before being put into action.
    • Those bonded are able to block information from being passed to the other. This includes emotions, thoughts, feelings, etc. To allow a bond to be open during intimacy, you must have the third party’s consent.
    • We are a 99% consent sim. If you rape someone, commit murder, etc expect consequences. These consequences don’t need your permission. 
  4. Please mind the difference between OOC and IC.
    You might play with your best friends OOC, but IC all of your characters might be mortal enemies. Don’t let IC activities stir problems between you and other players, and vice versa.
  5. Postorder/ Group rule.
    • Take care that you watch posting order. Not everyone can follow random posts; so to minimize confusion, unless it’s agreed upon OOC, the RP is turn-based except at large, non-combat events. 
    • In groups of four or more, the rules are waiting for three posts before posting again.
    • In larger gatherings such as eight or more, wait for four posts before posting again.
    • At combat events where there is a large group, please see the combat rules.
    • The exceptions to postorder are staff and storytellers for events only.
    • Until someone posts in, they do not exist in character. They are not even there in passing. 
    • If someone is taking more than fifteen minutes in a group to post, you may presume to skip their turn. 
  6. Dress Code.
    • All genitalia must be covered unless in one of the exception areas. This means no genitals or butt cracks showing. We will ask you to cover up and may eject you from sim if the answering cover is not quick.
    • All clothing must fit the medieval fantasy theme. Clothing may not be modern in design or materials. This means absolutely NO visible zippers, modern latches, tech/cyber pieces or body parts, materials that appear to be plastic, rubber, latex, etc. Robotic pieces that are fantasy tech in nature may be allowed but please contact an admin to check.
    • High heels (even stilettos) are acceptable given they follow the second bullet point.
    • Slave collars, cuffs, and leashes are allowed on the sim in a non-sexual context.
  7. Nudity & NSFW. 
    Although we are a dark sim, we allow younger characters and as such, there may be no nudity or sex on sim except in private residences, brothels, rented tavern rooms, bathhouses, or private messages. Jailbait characters are not permissible. See Youth rules for further information.
  8. No anime/cartoons/canon/furries.
    If you wish to play at Astrium, the staff is willing to help you make your avatar acceptable to our sim rules. We do not accept the following avatars/additions: 
    • No anime heads, cartoony avatars, or hyper avies. 
    • No canon characters such as video games or movies.
    • Furries: we ask that you please attempt to be more realistic. We do not allow such things as having breasts on the upper half of an anthro-horse or having neon colours or human-like eyes/hair, so you will either be asked to change it so it is more realistic or explain it. In our realm, furs are known as beast-kin.
  9. Character Death.
    Do not choose death lightly. When you die, in most cases, that is the end. There is no way to ever truly come back… at least, not as you were. When you return from death, major parts of what made you who you were are gone, taken as a tribute to the death gods. A part of your soul will remain there.   
    • You must have staff approval to return.
    • An in-character reason for how they return and why is required.
    • Being banished to another plane counts as a death. This includes fae, celestials, and infernals.
    • We are a 99% consent sim. Your character cannot be killed without your consent unless you’ve done something extreme in character to warrant those actions. Such extremes include rape and murder or attacking royalty. 
    • Resurrections may only be performed by someone with high level magic or a god.
    • No more than one resurrection may be given per character in one real-time month.
    • We allow undead for a resurrection.
    • To return, the character must remain dead for two real time weeks.
    • If someone has replaced your character in their role such as a head of a house, you will not be able to take it back without earning it again.
    • Once returned, a player must roll a flat roll over 50 to be able to retain memories of their death.
  10. Avoid laggy scripts and chat spammers.
    Excessive scripts such as extra HUDs, sim scanners, multiple titlers, and the like are highly discouraged. They, unfortunately, create lag and are not necessary to enjoy RP. High complexity may also lag the sim, and also make it hard for other avatars to see you. Under 200k is preferable but avatars over 350k complexity will cause a staff member to contact you and ask that you reduce your avatar’s complexity.
  11. Homebrew religion or use a pre-existing D&D pantheon only.
     If it reflects a real-world or popular media one, it is fine, as long as it doesn’t directly reference it. The local pantheon is D&D.

Rules of Conduct for Staff

It is our hope to be as transparent as possible. As such, all our policies are posted below for all.

  1. ​All staff are listed and have tags. No staff will contact a player through an alt or unofficial means.
  2. If there is a conflict with staff or you feel something is amiss, please feel free to contact another staff member for mediation. We want our people to feel safe and comfortable. 
  3. If there are issues with a staff member, it may be discussed without their involvement and the other members may decide the course of action. No staff member, including sim owner, will be treated as above a player.
  4. Only admins may play as gods or demi-gods for the sake of story continuation and no more.​
  5. Staff are not invincible- any character may be deposed or killed.​
  6. Staff issues should be invisible to the general populace. They are held to the same standards as everyone else. They will not cause drama or air out their issues to the public. We all need someone to vent to and care for us, so we have family and partners. Staff may choose to speak to close trusted friends who do not attend the sim and are trusted to not speak ill. They may not speak of sim issues or staff issues to friends who attend the sim or general players.​​
  7. Lead positions are in character. Council members may be deposed. Even the Royals can. This is not an easy process, so choose wisely. Being a council member or royal etc does not make them staff. Being Storyteller only gives them the ability to host their own event without needing staff watching. One may become a Storyteller through exceptional contribution to the sim or owning a business etc. These positions may be revoked if abused. ​
  8. Staff will share all issues regardless of how small to the staff chat under the Notes section. Though each of them may handle minor issues as they feel right, larger issues are decided as a team. Sim owners may occasionally have to make a hard call for the greater good of the sim. This, however, does not include silly petty things such as a player not liking another player’s writing style.​
  9. The staff are friendly and approachable! We all have off days, but in general, the staff will greet and show respect to the community as a whole. We welcome each new person with open arms. A genuine loving community as a safe space for RP is our goal!​
  10. All decisions regarding bans and harder choices are not made with personal prejudice, but for the greater good of the community as a whole.
  11. Should a staff member abuse their privileges or conduct as staff, they may be asked to take a suspension for a short while. If the staff member is unable or unwilling to work as a team, they may be asked to step down. Staff will always try to work out problems as a team and communicate honestly with one another. ​
  12. Staff are granted an estate in Astrium for the duration of their tenure. The exception is Ember Manimbo who is granted this privilege regardless of tenure due to her overall standing as a previous co-owner and hard work. This will never be revoked. 
  13. Favouritism is not abided by the staff.
  14. All staff will keep one another informed about plots they have planned so as to not create conflict. This is also to ensure that all staff may be able to answer player queries. ​
  15. Sometimes staff will need to share personal logs with the other staff regarding sim concerns. It does not matter if it was an official report or not. This is for clear transparency of all issues so we may work as a team to make the sim a better and safer place for all. These logs will not be moved outside of the staff ever.