Fae Wylds

Fae Wylds

Please see ‘Fae’ under ‘Races’ for species rules regarding Fae.

A twisted wonderland set in another plane of existence. The mushrooms want to eat you, the flowers sing to you in passing. Every fae knows how to get home to their lands. All they have to do is believe they’re there, and there they are. However, a mortal can find the wylds too if only they know where to look.


Wylds Monarchy

These Monarchs rule all of the fae wylds. We will not allow players to take the positions of Monarchs as the Unseelie queen is a demi-deity. It would be far too imbalanced.

Seelie Court Monarch
This Monarch is of Spring and Summer. Also known as the Light Court.
Character: Queen Enderlight / Account: NPC

Unseelie Court Monarch
This Monarch is of Autumn and Winter. Also known as the Shadow Court.
Character: Queen of Air and Darkness / Account: Ciara Valeur

Nobility / Council

If someone steps down, there tends to be a power vacuum where the fae fight to claim the throne. Fae may take the positions by fighting the current prince or princess, dethroning them with subterfuge, or convincing the other fae that the current prince or princess isn’t worthy.

Spring Court
Character: Princess Diascia
Account: SaorsaElysian

Summer Court
Character:  Princess True Ashdene
Account: Truehypnotic

Autumn Court 
Character:  Enderial
Account: NPC

Winter Court
Character: Graystorm
Account: NPC


Most fae fall under one of the courts. This is more to show alignment and liege than anything. Fae do not ‘choose’ their court so much as the court chooses them based on personality.


Very rarely a fae will claim no court and be known as a Courtless. Sometimes they may be banished from the courts as well. These courtless are treated less than well by the other fae.


Second-class citizens. Nothing protects them.