Eilienaxa Crown City

Eilienaxa Crown City

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Pronunciation: Elle – ee- nah – xah

Eilienaxa is of the Kingdom of Cailean.

The Year 1023:

The City:
The city is named for the river that flows around it. It is said the beautiful and wildland hidden deep within and high above the trees and Great River. When the sun hits the waterfall created by the river just right, it shimmers and glows with the colors of the rainbow.

The trees crafted into beautiful homes that were as natural as the dirt it grew in. Sung into them with a special local magic known as Tree Singing. Every home was a display of skill and finery and their affinity for all things natural. To cut down a tree was to tarnish the land and bring the wrath of the elves upon you. 

The Gods:
In the beginning, the people of Eilienaxa worshipped a half-goddess half unseelie. Her name was lost to history. She demanded sacrifice and pain. The elves were afraid. Eventually, with the guidance of Moonbow, they destroyed the temple of the unseelie queen and blocked the path to Blackmaul. The unseelie was forgotten. It became forbidden for any elves to leave the city to Blackmaul.

The People: 
The primary folk of Eilienaxa are elves, and they maintain a level of suspicion towards any non-elven beings, especially those who enter the city. It was rare for non-elves to find the city due to the illusions and spells that masked the paths. The attitude towards outsiders in the city ranges from mild wariness to blatant, outright racism, and discrimination.

Internally, however, the city is brimming with culture. The nights are met with singing and dancing and stories told, for the stars lit the way of their futures. They love to socialize and have feasts just for the fun of it. Special occasions would see spectacles of dancing lights, bonfires, and elegant wreaths and rarely eaten meats and other delightful treats. Regardless of deity, moon elven religious ceremonies were, like so many other things in moon elf culture, loud and joyful and even the most pious couldn’t deny that the festivals were often just another excuse to revel.

The Year 8096:

Suddenly, and without warning, the illusions hiding the city vanished. It left the city exposed. Strange and foreign people began to wander in, watched with a suspicious eye. With the war that destroyed the kingdom, they were forced to rebuild. Hiding their homes and lives within plain sight. The path to Blackmaul reopened. 

The unseelie queen came forth. Angered that she had been forgotten and replaced by Moonbow as the goddess of Eilienaxa. With the aid of a lich she corrupted, by the name of Ganis, she waged war. And won.

As the war between the unseelie and the city went on, the city became closed off to all. 

The Year 8098:

As Queen Katherine returned to her throne, she vowed to bring back the glory of her home city. The city of her birth. Scouts were sent to the lost city and they found a wasteland of snow and ice. A winter hell world. The ruins were a disaster but some brave citizens have resettled despite the horrid conditions. 

They needed to find the source of the cold. A call went out for brave adventurers to help the queen.

With the help of some brave adventurers and good friends, the city was retaken. A deal was struck with the unseelie monarch to never forget her again and to tend to her shrine. The crown city was once more rebuilt and the dead finally laid to rest. 

‚ÄčNow the city has reopened, welcoming all once more.