The Climate

Winter – December to Mid January. The last two weeks of winter are the hardest. There are always harsh storms at the end of winter. These storms are raging, blinding and drop the weather to -40C/F. During these storms, strange beasts roam and will eat anyone foolish enough to be caught in the snowfall. The storms are magical in nature and cannot be deterred. As quickly as they come, they vanish, leading to spring. From – 25C / -13F to 10C / 50F

The beasts of the storms are twisted by the mists. Each one appears different and behaves differently. Invariable they are made of ice and snow. They fear fire and will not enter any place where the snow does not fall. 

Spring – Mid January to May. As quickly as the winter storms come, they vanish. Taking with them the snow, leaving slush and spring rains in their wake. With spring, people begin to leave presents for the fae in hopes of a good harvest come fall. From 0C / 32F to 12C /53F

Summer – June to August. Balmy and humid. From 12C /53F to 40C / 104F

Autumn – September to November. Mild humid temperatures from -2C / 28F to 15C / 59F


Astrium mainly follows a temperate rainforest biome, but due to the chaotic nature of the mists, there are alterations. There is a lot of spruce, fir, and maple trees but also such things as Elkwood, Elvais and Heartwood which are specific to Astrium. Aside from this, many plants such as strawberries, potatoes, tobacco, and even sakura can be found in Astrium despite coming from different realms and environments.

The Floating Islands – Caused by a self-contained magic field. Mana mist crystals embedded in large chunks of landmass are repelled by the light crystals found all over Cailean. This causes them to float in a similar manner to magnets repelling one another. However, because of the type of field this is, it does not cause adverse effects to those who wander through it or attempt to use magic near them. The mana mist crystals are however unstable and cannot be used for anything as as soon as they are broken or mined, the magic inside them dissipates and the crystals turn to dust unless the crystal is taken as a whole. Aside, this same phenomenon is used to make light crystals around Cailean float for lighting. 

Heartwood – Excellent for use as a wizard stave! The tree alone is not magical but holds mana and conducts it really well!

Elvais – Similar to maple. It has no other interest.

Wisp Shroom Trees – Massive mushrooms found all over Astrium. These are only found on the surface and due to the mists being everywhere, so are they. They do not grow on or underwater or underground. These trees absorb the mists, and thus their magical properties. People do not cut them down and prefer to build around them as they affect the delicate ecosystem in unpredictable ways. Wisps are drawn to these trees as are Shroud.