Last Update: 10/27/2021

If a store owner wishes to charge differently for their goods than stated on the list that is their prerogative, however, this is a general overview of what the economy may look like. Of course, this is subjective to IC actions and story progression.

For what tech might be available, please see the Technology page.


The currency is called Novem. They are valued in the numerals of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100.

Very few outside of higher standing people such as business owners, nobility, guild leads, and dragons would deal with higher valued coins. Only business owners pay tax to the Crown. A base tax of 15% of transactions will be applied to all businesses. This is roleplay flavour only and not actively collected.

Average prices of common goods are as follows:

General Goods Food
Goods Price Goods Price
Flint2 NovemBread2 Novem
Ink/well10 NovemMeat pie7 Novem
Quill1 NovemFruit pie5 Novem
Lantern20 NovemMutton6 Novem
Oil/pint7 NovemBeef9 Novem
Rope8 NovemFruit/Vegetables3 Novem
Whetstone3 NovemSoup3 Novem
Tent40 NovemChicken5 Novem
Chisel6 NovemEggs/half dozen6 Novem
Paint/jar4 NovemFish5 Novem
Paint brushes5 NovemPreserved food8 Novem
Canvas7 NovemJams5 Novem
Shovel10 NovemCheese/wheel6 Novem
Pickax10 Novem
Hammer10 NovemDrinks
Backpack5 NovemGoodsPrice
Chest50 NovemNormal Wine8 Novem
Blank book30 NovemElven/Fae Wine14 Novem
Pots metal9 NovemMead6 Novem
Pots clay7 NovemAle4 Novem
Plates6 NovemRum5 Novem
Chain20 NovemCider (non-alcoholic)4 Novem
Gun Powder/ounce7 NovemCider (alcoholic)7 Novem
Scythe30 NovemMilk5 Novem
Instruments Spices
Goods Price Goods Price
Drums30 NovemSalt16 Novem
Lute50 NovemCinnamon2 Novem
Flute5 NovemSaffron50 Novem
Violin70 NovemOregano2 Novem
HarpRosemary2 Novem
   hand20 NovemGarlic1 Novem
   large100 NovemPepper2 Novem
Horn10 NovemDill weed1 Novem
Cumin3 Novem
FurnitureCoriander3 Novem
GoodsPriceSage2 Novem
Bed200 NovemNutmeg2 Novem
Dresser200 NovemSugar10 Novem
Mirror500 NovemHoney5 Novem
Table100 NovemTea Leaves20 Novem
Chair40 NovemPressed Tea Blocks100 Novem
Livestock Raw Materials
Goods Price Goods Price
Chickens2 NovemFabric/yard6 Novem
Ducks3 NovemLeather/hide12 Novem
Goats5 NovemThread/spool4 Novem
Sheep5 NovemFur/skin
Pigs8 Novem   small7 Novem
Cows10 Novem   medium10 Novem
Oxen30 Novem   large20 Novem
Dog (untrained)20 NovemWool/pound7 Novem
Dog (trained)50 NovemSilk/yard10 Novem
Horse (Green)80 NovemClay/pound4 Novem
Horse (broken)150 NovemUncut stone/brick3 Novem
Rare/Uncommon beasts
(seek admin approval or owner
of Exotic Pet shop if available)
Cut stone/brick5 Novem
Coal/crate10 Novem
Tin/bar8 Novem
Cats… No one buys a cat,
a cat adopts you
Copper/bar10 Novem
Iron/bar30 Novem
Mythril/bar100 Novem
Steel/bar60 Novem
Obsidian/brick7 Novem
Goods Price Goods Price
   Cloak10 Novem   Cloak32 Novem
   Dress70 Novem   Dress200 Novem
   Pants50 Novem   Pants80 Novem
   Tunic30 Novem   Tunic60 Novem
   Jacket40 Novem   Jacket70 Novem
   Corset60 Novem   Corset90 Novem
   Shoes6 Novem   Shoes20 Novem
Belt8 NovemSun hat6 Novem
Weapons Armor
Goods Price Goods Price
Knife10 Novem   Boots20 Novem
Dagger40 Novem   Shoulder guards10 Novem
Sword200 Novem   Shin guards10 Novem
War hammer300 Novem   Breast plate30 Novem
Mace40 Novem   Codpiece14 Novem
Javelin10 NovemMetal
Polearm30 Novem   Mail shirt30 Novem
Ax50 Novem   Mail hood15 Novem
Spear50 Novem   Plate
Tanegashima600 Novem      Chest200 Novem
Whip30 Novem      Arms100 Novem
Net7 Novem      Helmet150 Novem
Flail50 Novem      Legs150 Novem
Ranged      Gauntlets200 Novem
Slingshot2 Novem   Scale40 Novem
Bow30 Novem   Codpiece70 Novem
Crossbow140 NovemShield
Flintlock400 Novem   Normal
Shot/pound10 Novem      Metal70 Novem
(All gun powder based weapons,
please check with admins)
      Wood30 Novem
      Metal100 Novem
      Wood50 Novem

Such items as bags of holding, or powerful magical artifacts would cost even more. In order to obtain these items IC we do ask you to submit a form stating how you acquired the item for admin references.

Employment in Astrium

Finding employment anywhere in Astrium is easy. If there is a sign that says “Work Available”, you may simply start working at that location. Although some places are owned by an NPC or by the city itself, you can simply walk in and start working, even add your character’s job to your titler to let others know more about your role. 

Some places, such as the farm may have an owner who rents the house, but you can still assume a job at these places. If you wish to RP being hired on by the renter you can check the rental box for the home and send the player an IM. If no one is renting the place, you are welcome to rent it yourself. Players are also welcome to take the role of a vendor at the market near the tavern.

Conversely, many players are self-employed. Some are mercenaries, some hunt and gather in the forest, or are perhaps artisans, working out of their homes or hawking their wares while traveling.

This being said, there are a few jobs that do require your character to apply ICly to a member of one of the royal families. These primarily include council positions or personal guards.

Local / Seasonal Goods

Green Onion
White Onion

Astrium Specific Goods

Goods you’ll find nowhere but Astrium!

​Burnaby Berries – Sweet berries, aphrodisiac, red.
Purniple – A pumpkin-like plant, purple. Sort of bitter.
Nicel – Plant used for spices. Smells a bit like sage. Good for healing wounds.
Elkrite- A hard metal mined deep underwater. As valuable as gold but as strong as steel.

These we trade for such things as rare gems not found here, or even cinnamon. The trade fluctuates depending on need and availability, so it’s difficult to predict what may be around. To see what exports are specific to areas you may in, please see the Cailean Kingdom tab under locations. To learn more about unique plants in Astrium, please see Climate & Ecosystem