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A Unique Dark Medieval Fantasy Roleplay Experience.
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Our Story Is Now.

“They say when the Shrouds of the Mists call, you must answer. They will take as much as they give, but you cannot run from your fate. There is no going back once you have stepped foot into these lands.”

Through the Mists, those who are lost will find a home; it may not be a sanctuary, but a home nonetheless. Travelers by sea, air, or wayward portal may find themselves called by the Mists, drawn deeper by beauty, power… and Fate itself.

Tell us… who are you?

Why We’re Unique

Astrium is an immersive experience that is highly focused on player-created storylines and characters. Here at Astrium, we truly believe everyone has a story to tell and with very few restrictions, you are free to expand and build upon the world we started out with.

Even the lore right here on the site is mostly written by the players and community.

Your character doesn’t need to drastically change to adapt to our realm. Being a land of the lost, where realms meet and twist, most other sims are compatible with Astrium. Short of major technological advances, Astrium is extremely malleable. If your character is from the sims previously known as Armitage or Sphere of Nuvaria, you may easily drop into Astrium with no changes needed. Other lands are merely distant realms you traveled from!

Have a particularly enjoyable RP to share? Wrote a poem, story, or did some research in character? You can share it with the community! The library of Astrium is equipped with scripted bookshelves to allow any player to share what they created. ​

Going further… any player can suggest or host an event. If you have an idea for something exciting, there is very little to stand in your way. Simply submit a form here on the website and the staff will contact you to arrange it if it’s approved. Most events suggested are generally accepted. 

Moved a tree on the sim with magic, and have a good story behind it? Talk to the staff team. We might even be able to actually move the tree for you. Killed off an NPC? No problem. Let us know.

It’s your world… play it your way.